The International Relationship Commission of the Turin Bar consists of 24 Members.

It focuses on the development of the relationships and coordination activities with foreign institutions, legal organizations bodies as well as with international lawyers’ associations.

It promotes the organization of international seminars, congresses and meetings in Turin and abroad, ensuring the participation of the members of the Turin Bar association.

It encourages twinning projects with foreign Bar associations and supports the existing ones.

The Commission promotes and supports any initiative and project aiming at the defense and the respect of fundamental rights and, in particular, at the protection, safety and freedom of foreign lawyers who are at risk because of their activity and work for the defense of citizens' rights.

Furthermore, the Commission represents a consultancy point of reference for foreign persons and entities not speaking Italian as long as they need to get in touch with the Turin Bar or obtain explanations on specific services.

For issues concerning international affairs and relationships, the Committee also operates as point of contact and intermediary with the other commissions established by and within the Turin Bar Association.

The current members of the Commission are the following attorneys at law

Coordinators Porta Barbara (coordinator and member of the Turin Bar Association Council)
  Brizio Roberto (coordinator and member of the Turin Bar Association Council)
Members Alvares Silvia
Appendino Elena
Besson Stefania
Carnino Vanessa
Carosso Simona
Cerlon Clara
Chivino Stefania
Cocuzza Matteo
Colasanto Paola
Gallenca Davide
Gardino Marco
Gasiorowska Agnieszka Marzenna
Giorcelli Mariaelena
Iacobino Claudia
Iftin Ebe Hassan Aden
Lajolo di Cossano Ferdinando
Lanzio Maria Francesca
Magliano Federico
Oberto Giulia
Passoni Sergio
Pezone Francesco
Porro Lorenzo Enrico
Saglione Luca
Zorino Ilaria
Zreg Wisam




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